09.30 How Out-of-Home Can Change People’s Lives and Consumer Habits | Shaun Gregory | Exterion Media in conversation with Chair Adrian J Cotterill

10.10 It’s Big and it’s Clever: Delivering Innovation at Scale | Neil Morris | Grand Visual

Neil Morris, founder of Grand Visual, will be discussing the past, present and future of creativity in DOOH, looking at some of the pioneering moments over the last 10 years, as well as looking at what challenges the industry faces going forward and how they could be addressed.

10:40 Why We Love Digital Outdoor | Fiona FitzGibbon | Head of Media at Cheil Worldwide Inc.

11:10 COFFEE

11:30 Beyond Out of Home | Heather Andrew  | CEO  | Neuro-Insight (UK) Ltd

Heather Andrew, CEO of research company Neuro-Insight, will be discussing how Ocean Outdoor used brain imaging to understand the relationship between DOOH and other media.  Specifically, she will be demonstrating the power of DOOH to prime other media, extending its footprint beyond out of home and into the wider media landscape.

12:00 Taking Big Data To Market | Joe Clark | Head of Integrated Media | Dunnhumby

12:30 Shifting the Needle with Private Marketplaces & Private Exchanges | Andreas Soupliotis | President and CEO | Ayuda Media Systems

Programmatic buying, real time bidding and ad exchanges all have the potential to revolutionize the ad-buying process. But isn’t the real nirvana a Supply-Side-Platform (SSP) for DOOH ad networks that allows the creation of Private Marketplaces and Private Exchanges that enable a direct pipe to media buyers?

Attendees will learn how networks can automate DOOH without running the risk of driving down CPMs, as well as lessons learned from the online world.

13.00 LUNCH

14:00 DOOH in Other Regions | Kaan Akin (CEO and Founder of Sistem 9 Medya – Turkey) and Sikander Ahmed (Senior Managing Director – NBK Capital – Middle East) in Conversation with Steve Nesbit

A look at digital out of home in other regions. This year we hear from one of the leading media owners in Istanbul, the only city that spans Europe and Asia, and how they see Eastern Europe and the Middle East from their unique vantage point.

14:30 Cities and The Digital Revolution: New Services and New Behaviours  | Albert Asséraf | Executive Vice President Strategy, Research & Marketing | JCDecaux

The 21st century is now known as the century of cities. According to the United Nations, for the first time in human history, there are more people living in cities than in rural areas, and urban residents are projected to increase to two-thirds of humanity by 2050. This evolution raises a number of questions regarding the deployment and management of all types of infrastructures within cities

The answer to many of those questions appears to be a new urban approach through technology, Internet connectivity, real-time information, data analytics, networked devices, digitalization of the public spaces, digital dialogue and new types of services. Especially in a world where Internet has become a 24/7 activity for citizens and Internet of things is already a reality.  

As a major private city player, JCDecaux is already fully involved in the transition process towards smarter services for cities, citizens and advertisers. Street furniture is increasingly intelligent, new connectivity services are offered to cities and citizens, connected objects are gaining ground and new innovative advertising opportunities are offered to our business partners.

15:00 Designing a Space with Retail and Advertising in Mind | Spencer Sheen | Head of Retail, Gatwick Airport


15:45 Lessons from a Former Google Marketing Executive | Sarah Speake | Chief Marketing Officer | Clear Channel UK

In her first presentation since joining Clear Channel UK as CMO, former Google and ITV marketer Sarah Speake offers her perspective on the challenges and opportunities for Out of Home.

With insights drawn from Clear Channel’s recent Look Again report and her own experiences at media agencies and major media owners, Sarah will outline why she believes emerging technology is building on Out of Home’s traditional strengths to place the medium  on the verge of a new golden age – and why the sector needs to shout louder to celebrate its successes. .

16:15 TfL and DOOH – Why Every Journey Matters  |  John Pizzamiglio | Lead for Advertising Strategy Commercial Development Directorate | Transport for London

DOOH is a problem for,  and yet also the solution to, TfL’s commercial future – the sheer size of both the TfL and its audience means that the complexities are numerous but the opportunities are endless. TfL has already seen huge benefits in digitising their Roadside and Bus Shelter estate. Crossrail gives a whole slew of new and exciting environments. There are however numerous difficulties installing large formats on the rail estate which still need to be overcome.  With a growing, socially active, affluent audience the TfL’s approach regarding new contracts in 2016 will be one that enables a wide variety of future developments

16.45 Closing Remarks | Adrian J Cotterill | Editor-in-Chief | DailyDOOH

17:00 CLOSE